About The Social Media Masterclass

This hands-on comprehensive one-day Social Media Masterclass course will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to understand social media platforms. Learn how to maximise your social media results, using the latest statistics, examples and case studies from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube.

During this workshop, Digital Marketing Specialist, Natasha van Binsbergen will teach you social media basics through to advanced strategy execution and content creation. This course features real social media examples and strategies from the world’s most successful social media campaigns and brands, along with the latest tools to measure your online marketing efforts.

Course Methodology

Interactive and participatory, including presentations and facilitation by the trainer, group exercises, round-table discussions, video clips, case studies and debriefing. On the day, we will learn all about the platforms, each delegate will create a social media and digital strategy for their own brand, while guided and mentored by our course curator and trainer.

Who Should Attend

Communication professionals, social media managers, digital marketers, business owners, product owners, business start-ups, website admins, content specialists, advertising agency executives, learners in senior roles from public and private sector organisations including CEOs, GMs, Executives, Heads of Functions, Consultants and Team Leaders whose scope covers boosting their online profile.

Course Outline

  • An overview of Social Media
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
  • LinkedIn & YouTube.
  • Social Media for business.
  • Advertising on social media.
  • Defining target audience.
  • Digital PR: Bloggers & Influencers.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) overview.
  • How to increase your rankings in Google & search engines.
  • Google Analytics Overview.
  • How to optimize your website.
  • Digital Strategy & Template.
  • How to create brilliant content.
  • How to manage your platforms and schedule.
  • Content Calendar & Implementation plan.
  • ORM (Online Reputation Management).
  • Growing your business with digital.
  • Best Practice and Case Studies.
  • Reporting and AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent).
  • Tools, tricks and tips- including automated messages.
  • Step by Step Tutorials and Notes to take home.
  • Personalised Digital Marketing Strategy created
    for YOUR business in session.
  • Monitoring and handling negative social media.
  • How to create an Escalation Policy for emergencies.
  • Customer Service & Community Management.
  • How to grow your fan-base and reach more people.
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing Certificate.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Take their social media in-house without the help of an agency .
  • Have the confidence to create and publish content.
  • Reach more people who have not heard about your brand or establishment before.
  • Increase their Google and search engine rankings.
  • Focus on what problems you can use social media to solve, what value this can create for your organization and what frameworks are required .
  • Understand the general changes happening in marketing rather than seeing “social media” as an additional channel to work with.
  • Learn structures and frameworks to help plan your social marketing efforts and make it all fit together.
  • Weave together acquisition and retention tools to deliver an efficient social media marketing strategy.
  • Approach the commissioning of social media services with more knowledge and confidence and be able to deflect trendy jargon .
  • Return to your job with a solid to-do list.
  • Predict how the online space will evolve and what new types of tools and approaches are starting to emerge.

Fees & Refund

R3250.00 per participant. Fees include lunch and tea breaks on the day. Delegates will receive a 60% refund
if the facilitator is given 2 week’s notice of cancellation.

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